E-Safiri aims to drive Africa’s transition into sustainable transport by developing solar powered and grid connected charging stations for 2&3 wheelers.

The Company CEO, Carol Ofafa HSC, is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer with over 6 years’ experience in high voltage electricity infrastructure development and was awarded the Head of state commendation for her role in transforming lives through transmission infrastructure development and women empowerment.

The Vision

The Company’s vision is to create world class charging infrastructure for e-mobility in Africa in an effort to reduce carbon emissions in the mobility sector and drive Africa’s transition into sustainable transport.

The Mission

To accelerate the adoption of sustainable transport by providing reliable, accessible, and adequate charging infrastructure for e-mobility in Africa.

Why we do it

Bodaboda riders and taxi drivers have been greatly affected by the increasing fuel prices. On a daily income of kshs. 1500, the rider spends Kshs. 500 or more on fuel for 150km reducing the net income to below Kshs. 700.

E-Safiri aims to provide an affordable and clean alternative to fuel whilst increasing adoption to electric mobility. Our solution offers to increase the number of charging stations and battery swapping points across the country while using renewable in tandem with grid energy during peak and offpeak times. This is in line with SDG 7 and 11.

What We Offer


E-Safiri charging stations are strategically located to provide access to charging points within a 100km radius. The swap and go stations provide easy to use options where one can swap their batteries for fully charged ones in less than 2 minutes.


E-Safiri provides dual power supply for redundancy. We provide a solar PV power supply and a grid connection option. If one power supply fails, then we have the other. This increases the reliability and dependability of our charging networks.

Multi-use solar hub

The energy stored in the batteries can be used for other multiple applications at night. We are connecting the excess energy to offer street lighting in the areas with limited access to electricity. This is also an opportunity for revenue generation.

Easy pay App

E-Safiri provides an E-Pay option through an app that provides an easy-to-use user interface. The app also allows the user to locate the nearest charging station and indicates the battery level and how much longer to go before charging is required.

Our Stations

E-Safiri charging stations are equipped with 3.3KW-AC chargers that are flexible and suitable for 2&3 wheelers. Pay as you go via mpesa.

Field Insights

The Team

Carol Ofafa, HSC


MSc. University of Glasgow
BSc. University of Nairobi Electrical and Electronics Engineer
6 years’ experience in electricity infrastructure development at KETRACO
Certification from Florence School of Regulation (Italy) on Electric Vehicles.

Janet Wahome


Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Diplomacy with IT from Maseno University.
2 years’ experience in the transport and logistics industry
Specialization in vehicle leasing and rentals.

Ruben De Girardier


MSc. Imperial College London & BSc. University of Cape Town.
3 years’ experience in Power Systems and Micro-Grid Engineering design, installation

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